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Laurier Blanc prides itself on finely made jewelry pieces. Our skull bone pendant necklaces made in Brooklyn and crafted of mala beads and also come in gold skulls. Our Turkish delights selection is large. Our earrings come in a seemingly endless selection of shapes and sizes ranging from pendants to many different styles of drops. They are fashioned with golden brass and feature many different colored stones all very vibrant and sunny. Some are circular and have more dazzling dinner party appeal while others have more of a sunny afternoon feel to them. We have something for everyone whether it's for you or a gift for someone you cherish. Our Elephant crystal necklace tassels come in eight colors they've got a gorgeous fluorescence to them. We have large gold and gem-encrusted cuffs or others that are simpler in design and appearance.

     Our pieces from Asia simply dazzle and our comprised of many different elements such as metal, brass, cloth, silver. We have pieces that fit loosely or tightly around the neck or wrist. Our Sasa seasons wrap bracelet is gorgeously perfect for summertime near the beach or pool. Yak Bone Bangles with large set stones such as turquoise are quite stunning and always a conversation starter. Our smooth tortoise shell cuffs are handmade by passionate beach-dwelling artisans in Jamaica! Catch us when we get a shipment of vintage lucite jewelry before they sell out.

     The malachite wrap bracelet features tiny beads of beautiful malachite in a wrap-around bracelet. It's perfect for the eco-friendly individual in your life. A Pop-Pom Mandala tassel necklace in different colors will impress the yogi in your life. Our necklaces from Istanbul have a magical presence as they are handmade in and around the city. They catch the sunlight as well as people's attention! If your taste in jewelry spans the globe then we've got something for you.


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