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  • Rafiki Trio Bracelets (Three Colors)

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  • The Rafiki Trio is three separate bracelets, lovely together or fun to share with your favorite friend or family member. All hand strung with care by a deaf woman in Kenya - the truest symbol of global friendship in its ability to transform fashion into livelihoods. Choose from Mint, Blush or Navy... each bracelet is separate and can be worn together or alone.

    • Set of 3 coordinating handwoven and hand-beaded bracelets in Blush, Mint or Navy.
    • Different patterns, closures and even a tassle
    • Handmade in and Fairly Traded from Kenya

    Made by: Sasa Designs

    Sasa Designs by the Deaf was started in 2011 to provide employment and fair wages to deaf women in Kenya. With an estimated unemployment rate of 85% nationwide, few deaf have ever had the opportunity to support themselves or explore their potential. Deafness in Kenya carries grave stigma that leads to deaf individuals being ostracized and in the worst of cases, abused. Upon joining Sasa Designs, a deaf woman becomes an artisan – carefully cultivating a skill set that grows along with her confidence. Sasa Designs' beaders are a group of strong and proud deaf women. Long taught to be ashamed of their "disability," they have now been empowered through building a successful business and a community that lifts them up daily.  With many single moms in the group, the next generation is going to soar, thanks to consistent wages, access to healthcare, and healthy food.A woman who has spent a lifetime feeling like a burden, can now take care of herself and her children. Sasa Designs is a catalyst for transformation.

    Our workshop in Kenya employs 18 deaf women full time. The artisans of Sasa Designs by the Deaf have started a new chapter in their lives, working each day to build a better life: for themselves, for their children, and for our global community as a whole. Sasa Designs envisions a world in which individuals can benefit from participation in the global market regardless of their gender, geographic location or physical characteristics.

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